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Customer-first approach. Both are totally addictive AND an education in economics. Zeus builds stable neighborhoods, one by one, connected together into regional economies. Nile builds a larger and more elaborate single neighborhood in 3D immersion as a regional economy. Zeus is highly detailed 2D aerial perspective but in many ways the better gameplay.

Both build magnificent cities. You will want to live there. Elements of these games are valuable material to study as a model for the next SimCity. Zeus will take longer to master. People are unimportant? Zeus and Nile characters have occupational purpose and more personality, especially in Zeus. Well, in that respect, it's a fairly accurate representation of how things work in cultures that don't value planning, and where the self-esteem of political leaders is specifically tied to building things. Stuff gets built experimentally, everyone decides they don't like it, but the bulldozer is more expensive in real life so they avert their eyes and work around it.

I have since been curious about how it has evolved. I may have to give it another try, though I would really love it it if took fares and frequency into account. I think I will check out Simutrans.

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Sorry for the lateness of this comment. Is this a peculiarly Euro thing? Is there an HT post on when to favor capacity over frequency or vice versa? It could help my Traffic Giant playing. Lane changes in general are impossible except at intersections. Forgot another one: route numbering is hard-coded in the order that you lay them down, so unless you really plan ahead, say goodbye to any rational or otherwise aesthetic route-numbering system. Posted on December 14, in Simulation.

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How to install Sim City 4 NAM Mod on Mac

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Art Lewellan December 25, at pm. It will add countless new features to the existing network tools, such as new overpasses, highway onramps, intersections, ped-malls, a ground light rail network, roundabouts and turning lanes. This is the Mac version of the NAM. For the Windows version, see here. This allows Mac users to have largely the same experience as Windows users in installing the mod, though there are some quirks because of this.

When one initially opens the NAM Mac package after downloading, there will be two items present: read-first-nam Released September 13, November 15, But this installer in combination with the Steam version of the game works like a charm. Finally I can use the great NAM works. Thank You for the Continued Support! Simtropolis relies mainly on member donations to continue operating. Without your support, we just would not be able to be entering our 15th year online! You've really help make this a great community. But we still need your support to stay online.

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Network Addon Mod - Version 36 [MacOS Mojave] file - Mod DB

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