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Would not recommend. Conducted weekly meetings for each department on implementing dealership Processes, recorded and completed each customer email and phone call regarding their experience with the Dealership, managed data entry for new vehicle inventory, file clerk, phones, receptionist. Jumping to a strong affective decisions so soon is not always the best idea. All decisions should be made within the management team members first. Car business. Long hours Shady business Cool managers in finance Best part is the people The worst is the time they require You can make a lot of money but at this store its not about what you know it is definitely who you know.

Acura Sales and Service.

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This Acura dealership cares about their customers before and after the sale! Challenging yet rewarding. My six day work weeks started at 8: When I finished with my calls, I would respond to emails and help clients walking in. Working the sales floor was also accompanied by some behind the scenes work, like organizing our book room and brochures. My New Car Director was an amazing teacher. The focus of the job for him was not playing games, but not giving up the house. He taught me the importance of getting the guests what they are looking for, not getting close.

With the nature of a car dealership, there is always a revolving door, as for the ones that stick around, I built great bonds with them. Often we would help one another out, and there would be an agreement for lunch, not half of the deal. Some of my co-workers were less than agreeable, but that's just the nature of the business.

Sales is always a daily challenge, but the hardest part of my job at Mac Churchill was trying to over look some of the games that had gone on, as for the converse, the job was great working with the co-workers that were like family. The family element is what really made the job enjoyable. Horrible company to work for!!

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There is nothing nice to say about them! They make promises they can't keep! When you are brought in the clean things up and you get them clean and out of trouble with national managers the fire you! They fire you just because you are not a crook like they are! They want you to so crooked things to make numbers look better! They want you to screw people over and could careless! There used cars are junk! They fix nothing that's needs to be fixed.


They won't even replace a dirty air filter before they sell the car! The list gots on and on and on! Good place to work. Some are still in process.

Texas Northern Bankruptcy Court Case 4:18-bk-41988 - Mac Churchill, ...

I would definitely give these guys a chance. First off all, I want to state how extremely pissed I am after dealing with Mac Churchill. This year alone I have sent four associates there to purchase vehicles.

I was informed that because of my referreral I would be granted a referral check for my associates that purchased a car. I have been treated unfairly on multiple occasions. The first, I went in to receive my first check and they told me they couldn't give it to me because I had the same name as someone else in the system that owes them money.

They gave me the run around for a month straight but failed to look into the fact hat this person wasn't me, just shared the same name.. Other events have occurred but the most recent one is the reason for this review. I sent a friend of mine there to purchase a car in October.

Jesse Lopez Y Mireya En Mac Churchill Acura De Fort Worth

Again informed that I would receive a check! Mind you, my friend purchased the car and has made a TWO payments on the vehicle. I have called over 5 times and they gave me the run around saying that "the deal hasn't been finalized, we're waiting on the bank" Again!! He has made TWO car payments on the car. Sounds like the deal was finalized two months ago! I went up there yesterday and they kept directing me to different people to talk to continuing to give me the run around.

Worst customer service experience ever. I will continue to follow up on getting the money I deserve. Unfortunately i will not be back to purchase another. After trying to purchase from employee Kenicia 3 weeks ago i was told to comeback. I understand since my cars lease wasn't ready. But I did spend 3 hours with them.

They called me a few weeks later to let me know my car was ready to trade. Excited but no willing to waste more time I asked the price. She didn't give it to me, but instead wanted me to come in and talk. So i contacted Vandergriff Acura instead. They sent me what I needed and got me out of there in an hour.

Later I received a text message from Kenicia stating "You told me you'd come today. I stayed late today thinking you were coming in. So my time has definitely been wasted. Good luck at Vandergriff. Thank you! This young lady might be the reason. Please teach her some professional. Dilip was our sale representative and he was very polite and knowledgeable about the car and inventory. He took care of our needs. Overall experience was hassle free. I highly recommend Dilip and this dealership. Don't go to this dealership!!!! I would say 1 star is too much for this dealership.

Used Sales They have a high turn over!! They are dishonest and they try to rip people off. They sell cars that are not serviced.

3125 NE Loop 820, Fort Worth, TX 76137

They tried selling us a car with a faulty car fax. Husband was told he needed a service on vehicle that they had performed 2 visits prior can't be bothered to look at their own history or the appropriate maintenance schedule apparently. They said they would provide a credit for the service and then charged for it again. We have yet to hear from a service manager despite calls and email. Can not recommend this place.

The service in question was a differential service performed twice within about a 6 month period When I purchased my car four years ago this was a good dealership and I received great service in the service department. Now days the service department has gone down hill. Nearly all of the employees need to take a few customer service classes.


This was rather interesting since I had replaced it myself about a month prior so I asked him if the filter was very dirty. His response was that the filter was filthy and appeared to be original to the car He left then came back and said he had spoken with the wrong customer, yeah sure buddy. I will take my business elsewhere from now on.

Acura isn't as luxury as it used to be. They sold me a car and didn't disclose it was in a small wreck.

They sold me a warranty for several thousand and swore it would cover everything. Now they won't honor the warranty because it's been in a wreck. So much for their point inspection LOL. If I did, I would have called my insurance.

Mac Churchill Acura NE Loop , Fort Worth, TX - klinadinlus.tk

We took the car in because it started making noise and body pieces started coming off. They literally don't care about you and just want to close a deal and push you off. I'll be getting a lawyer, as nobody seems to care to make this right, while having the nerve to say it was my fault!!! I did not want to give them one star. Terrible practices. They sell vehicles that they say are certified but are broken. Terrible management.