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There are 3 different types of body shape, an ectomorph is someone who is tall with long limbs, a sport that would suite this body shape is a swimming or basketball. A mesomorph is someone quite short and muscly like an upside down triangle shape, these would be suited to gymnastics. The last type is a endomorph this is someone who has a larger ratio of fat than fat-free in their body like a sumo wrestler.

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The other 5 are skill related, and are needed for any sporting activity. These components are: Power - The ability of a muscular unit or group of muscular units to generate maximum force in a minimum time frame.

Speed - The ability to minimise the amount of time it takes to repeat a movement. Agility - The ability to transfer mechanical energy from one movement to another in minimal time. Balance - ability to control the body through a given movement in relation to its support base. The order I would rank the components needed for netball, from most to least, from my experience would be: 1 c. Shooters also need power to get the ball high enough to score a goal. Different components are needed even within the same sport. For example I play the position centre or wing attack and I need different components to someone who plays goal shooter or keeper.

I need a better c. Laura Langman is probably the best mid court netball player, she usually plays in the position centre for the Silver Ferns. Shes a professional netballer because she has excellent components of fitness to fit the position she plays within the team. Her outstanding pace and agility is a lot faster than mine which makes her better and helps her dodge and find spaces quickly to be free for her team mates to pass to her. She also has good tenacity and vision so she can pick out the best pass to give in a quick time.

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Laura also has a good c. This method of training is mainly used for c. The graph I drawn below shows the way your heart reacts to this type of training, it goes up fast in the beginning and then is a consistent line across. It is in the aerobic working zone.

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  • Multistage Fitness Test or Bleep Test!
  • This training is mainly used for c. You work above your anaerobic threshold and produce lactic acid which gives a burning feeling in your muscles, chest and lungs.

    Multi-Stage Fitness Test

    The more you do interval training you develop lactic tolerance to cope with the burning. The graph below shows your heart response to interval training. Your heart rate goes up quickly when you are working and goes above your anaerobic threshold. Then it drops when you are having recovery time, but still stays in your aerobic work zone.

    The main components you train are speed and agility which are both vital for netball. You need them to be able to dodge and loose your marker and make space so you are free for your team mates to pass the ball to you. Assignment 2 Comparison between two positions: Even within the same the sport, different fitness components are needed to meet the demands for their job within the team.

    A goal keeper's job is to mark the goal shooter and stop the other team from scoring goals. While a centre's job is to help the ball get from the defending third up to the attacking players to help score goals. Similarities: One similarity between the two positions is balance. Also co-ordination is needed because they both need to catch and pass the ball and intercept passes. Power is another similar component because they both need to throw the ball with power and accuracy in a short time.

    Flexibility is needed to avoid injury and jump for the ball and try to intercept passes, a goal keeper needs extra good flexibility to stretch and reach to mark and defend the ball. Differences: The differences between the two positions are a centre needs a better c. They need a good c. Where as a goal keeper covers less space and only works when the ball is in the defending third, so would benefit from a type of interval training rather than a continuous session.

    The Multi-Stage Fitness Test (BTEC Sport & GCSE PE)

    Another difference is a health related component body composition. A goal keeper tends to be a ectomorph which is someone whose tall and long limbed so they have an advantage of marking the ball and making it harder for the goal shooter to accurately aim. Assignment 3 Lifestyle factors have a big impact on a sportsman or woman's training and performance.

    Social life- This effects sportsmen and women a lot. One of the main factors within a persons social life is the media. This affects professional players more than recreational because their famous and their private life's are a lot more public. Wayne Rooney is a good example of someone who has a lot of bad press at the moment about his personal life which has spread all over the nation.

    He is one of the most famous football players on the planet and the highest paid in the premier league. These story's in the media will certainly then affect his home life as well with his wife Coleen. To perform to your highest standard your mind has to be completely focused on the game ahead and not worrying about the future with your wife.

    Media doesn't always have to have a negative affect on you though. Good press when a players performing well can boost their confidence and encourage them and make them determined to keep training and playing to their best ability. Also your family is a big part of your social life and can affect your game in the same way. If you have troubles at home or have lost someone close to you then you will be thinking about them instead of the task ahead. Family can also be a big support to you and encourage and help you improve your game.

    Its important to get the balance right between training and staying at home to look after your family.


    Wayne Rooney has to do this because he has a little boy but it effects recreational players more because they have to work and then train and play in the evenings, which is alot of time away from home. An estimate of the Record all participants heart rate before, participants VO2max can be calculated as immediately afterwards, and then five follows: minutes later of each test. Test forces the participant to run as extensive and achievable on a treadmill. Assistant discontinues the stopwatch, records the time whenever the participant is incapable to persist. Queens College VO2max Step Test, step up and down on the bench for three minutes accordance to selected beat and at height Fitness Assessment Room Table 2.

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    Heart rate data of the Multi-stage Temperature Fitness Test. Test temperatures of all fitness tests. Actually these indirect exercise assessments. Intended for participants who do not assessment and observer the physiological achieve an definite VO2 plateau, the VO2 reactions of the participant exercise peak reached in a maximal exercising fitness constantly.

    The sample is heterogeneous as assessment to the threshold of acceptance is participants experience VO2max changes in an effective guide of VO2max Day et al. Although every Hawkins et al. VO2max expressed relative to weight since allows comparison of aerobic body mass. The running economies of California State University Absolute VO2 intensity which obtains assured is the total volume of oxygen consumed and measurements by use of Douglas Bags. Informed Consent Sheets.

    Fitness Test Scores Spreadsheet D. Heyward, Queen's College Step Test, normative data for the Queen's College step up test, the following are national norms for 16 to 19 year olds. Davies et al. Normative data for the Multi-Stage Fitness Test.