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Lahad Datu invasion: A painful memory of The group, comprising over a hundred people, was quickly identified to be followers of self-proclaimed Sultan of Sulu, Jamalul Kiram III. They were led by Jamalul's brother Agbimuddin Kiram. Dapatkan berita kami melalui emel anda. Berita Berkaitan.

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Polis tahan tujuh remaja perempuan bergaduh kerana tuduhan kesat. You ask, you request, you do this behind closed doors, you do this in various ways, moderate methods, you do this in the Cabinet, you do this in the party meetings, but no one really hears. You cannot do anything. Years pass. The end result is a community in distress. Couple this on the other hand with the policies designed by the community with a simple majority — all policies get slanted to their advantage, all benefits from the Government flows towards them.

Opportunities to the minority communities are blocked, are denied, or are removed. You get a very unbalanced situation. Then one day when the unbalance gets to be so great you suddenly get an explosion of anger against the unfairness and the injustice in the system. That is what you see in recent years.

What you have not seen over the previous years past is all the patience and all the behind-the-door discussion and all the moderate and soft approaches that have been used to little benefit. When all that has not produced even small results, the outcome unfortunately is this — the problem spills over on to the streets. As far as making extreme demands, I must say that extreme or not also depends on one's point of view. Take this example — when you have half the young Indian children go to schools that are in dilapidated conditions, in cowsheds and in transportation containers, and this is causing a collapse of the foundational education of half the future of the Indian community and there seems to be no sense of urgency to correct this matter on the part of the Government, what do you expect — more patience from us too, less demand than an immediate attention to the problem and adequate allocation of funds to correct the situation so not too many more generations of these children are affected.

The net result, over the years, as you can see is the serious criminalization of Indian youth. Please understand that whatever you see as expressions from Hindraf, we are just reacting according to the seriousness of the situation. Of course the Government will not want you to see that they are doing this to the Indian children. They make us into extremists and our demands to be extreme.

Question 5: How does Hindraf intend to be a functional social activist group or political party when they seem to have alienated both coalitions? Hindraf is not a political party nor does it intend to become one. However we will participate in the political process of the country as a people's movement. In articulating for the people, when we see duplicity and deceit on the part of politicians, we will speak up. You must understand one basic truth about politicians — they are only interested in your votes.

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They are not necessarily interested in doing what is best for you. As a people's movement we are not interested in the votes, we are interested in getting for the people what is best for them. There clearly will be times when we do speak up impartially. Not to alienate one or the other coalition is not our priority, to make sure that the politicians come up with policies in the interest of the people and then they follow through with implementation is our priority.

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That makes us play our roles more effectively. Question 6: Having being ignored first by BN and then rejected by PR, what is Hindraf's next move and what is its political advice or recommendation to its followers and the underclass that it struggles for? We will remain ambivalent on this question till it becomes clear who among the two coalitions will support the 5-year Blueprint plans. The political parties are interested in the votes of our followers. We do not see ourselves recommending to our followers to give it to one or the other without there being a quid pro quo as far as their response to our 5-year Blueprint is concerned.

It is still too early now with the Lahad Datu incident to say that they have rejected our Blueprint. When the jostling gets heavier, we will then be able to more clearly know. If the response seems too simplistic, take it that I do not want to be read too early on this question. One thing is for certain — our focus and priority is the "5-year Blueprint to bring the Indian poor into the national mainstream of development".

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Nur Misuari: 'We had to fight for it'. A new crisis in Southern Philippines is underway - it is a conflict with Malaysia over a province called Sabah. Armed Filipino men are challenging the Malaysian government's power over the province, claiming that this land belongs to the Sultan of Sulu who lives in the Philippines.

We had to fight for it and in fact we have lost hundreds of thousands of lives just to be able to reach this point. The problem is that our homeland is so rich, not only in terms of history but [also] in terms of its resources, that's why so many people want to occupy this land. And they applied what they call the classical policy of divide and rule so that our people could not unite and fight as one nation to roll back all of these foreign aggressors. The deal was designed to bring peace to Mindanao and allow the fighters there to build a semi-autonomous Islamic state, to be called Bangsamoro.

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The party that brokered the deal was Malaysia. Its Muslim-dominated government used its influence with the Islamic fighters in Mindanao to bring the parties together. But now, there are allegations that members of the Moro National Liberation Front MNLF , the original Islamic insurgency group, feels sidetracked and has allowed some of its men to fight the Malaysian government presence in Sabah.

The fighters would hide in the Muslim ghettos with sympathisers and in turn bring soldiers into the alleyways hungry for revenge. Every family speaks of those years with an overriding sense of loss. The man who started it all back in the s was Nur Misuari. With international backing he negotiated a separate deal with the government in the s, but he never managed to reach the success MILF reached after splitting with his group.

Today, when we caught up with him in his home in Mindanao, we found a man who is clearly not happy with the current state of affairs. Philippine Inquirer - "I acknowledge that there have been some immigrants who were apprehended during Ops Daulat. However, the ancestry of those apprehended was purely incidental," Abdul Gani said.

As this developed, the Malaysian Attorney General announced that an investigation has started on the claims of witnesses and supposed survivors of the police's excesses in Sabah under Ops Daulat sovereignty.

Analisis: Pencerobohan Lahad Datu Oleh ‘Tentera DiRaja Kesultanan Sulu’ | Andak

Alih, who was rounded up for failing to present immigration documents during Monday last week's sweep on his neighborhood in Sandakan, said he did not care even if blood was already coming out of his wounds because he knew it was safer for him to just submit to the beating. When he noticed that the Malaysian forces appeared to be hell bent on beating him to death, Alih said he shouted: "I'm not a Tausug, I'm a Sama Badjao. Upon hearing this, the Malaysian forces allegedly stopped from hurting him but they still frisked him and took the RM he earned from being a carpenter in Sabah for the past four months.

He was then allowed to board ML Fatima Editha — along with hundreds of other Filipinos trying to find a space on the crammed boat — for this province. Alih said he wished he had not been illegally working in Sabah because a valid document might have saved him from harm. Twenty-year old Sherilyn Viado, who worked in a construction company in Sabah, said she too had to assert her ethnicity when Malaysian policemen prepared to gang up on her. Viado said Malaysian forces were so angry at Tausugs and Suluks that they do not put distinction between males and females anymore.

Viado said Tausugs or Suluks who had disappeared from her neighborhood had not resurfaced since their arrest "and the lack of information on their fate had sowed unimaginable degree of fear on us. Annang Im, 50, who tended a small sidewalk store in Sandakan, said she did not experience being abused but she saw how male Filipinos caught up during the sweeps had been made to physically suffer by Malaysian policemen. Im, a Tausug-Visaya, also confirmed Viado's claim that Malaysian security forces hated Tausugs and Suluks so much that they did not care even if suspects were killed during the sweeps.

Sabah police commissioner Hamza Taib had confirmed that the campaign against Sabah-based "collaborators" was continuing but maintained that policemen never violated the rights of the suspects. I am not aware of any incident in the entire Sabah area where people had been beaten or killed on mere suspicions of being terrorists or supporters of terrorists.

He also confirmed that 10 more people — who were either Filipino or have Filipino descent — had been arrested during separate raids on Thursday over suspicions of collaboration with the "Sulu terrorists. Malaysian Attorney General Abdul Gani Patail said the fresh arrests had brought the number of detained suspects to as of late Friday.