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Max ram and on g5 and highest OS

Before the CRT model reached the end of its life, all manner of fruity and more serious enclosure colours arrived, although this colourful part of Apple's recent history seems fairly distant at this point, with the very white styling used in Apple's current consumer line-up. While the iMac has always been given a consumer designation by Apple, alongside the iBook and the iPod, it has also been an attractive machine for Mac-based musicians looking for a low-cost machine.

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The G4 iMac was released at the beginning of and became the first model to feature an LCD display, using the now infamous and instantly recognisable Anglepoise-styled design. I have a soft spot for this Mac because it was the machine I had on my desk at SOS during my full-time tenure, and while the floating screen never lost its novelty, the small footprint of this machine was particularly appealing.

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It's also worth remembering that the G4 processor was originally released in , so it actually took some time for this chip to be used in a consumer machine. By this time, there was much music software available to take advantage of the G4 and its Velocity Engine, so the iMac G4 wasn't a bad entry-level, musician-friendly Mac. Since these models were slightly more expensive than the previous generation of iMacs, Apple also introduced another all-in-one Mac with a inch CRT known as the eMac see box , which also featured a G4 processor. Although the eMac was originally intended for the education market putting the 'e' into eMac , Apple later introduced it as a publicly available model, since consumers were attracted to the lower cost.

While the iMac has always lagged technologically behind the professionally oriented Power Mac, with the introduction of the Power Mac G5 in June , the iMac was beginning to seem a little dated, despite the introduction of a inch model before last Christmas. Indeed, breaking with usual policy, when stocks of the iMac G4 ran out after Apple mistimed the introduction of its successor towards the end of the summer, the company were forced to admit that a newer model would be announced in September The slot-loading optical drive is located in the top right of the computer.

Every generation of iMacs has featured a radically different design, and that of the G5 model really brings the machine back to its all-in-one roots. Looking like a somewhat oversized LCD display, the monitor is once again the computer, and while I don't buy Apple's "Where did the computer go? On the two sizes available, which feature and inch LCD displays, the depth is just 1. The iMac I was sent for review was the high-end model, featuring a inch screen, a 1. The lower two iMac models both feature a inch screen, with the mid-range model featuring the same processor and buss speed as the inch model, and the entry-level machine offering a 1.

One difference between the architecture of the dual-G5 Power Macs though not the new single 1. This slower buss speed in the iMac should mean a slight performance dip when compared to the same speed chip in a dual Power Mac, but in practice, this didn't seem too significant, as we'll see later.

If you get an iMac, you should really make sure it comes with at least MB RAM — which is precisely the amount Apple had installed in the review model. Still, 2GB of RAM should be enough for most users, especially until Tiger, the next major Mac OS X release, is available to let applications really take advantage of the bit memory-addressing potential of the G5.

Apple Power Macintosh Dual G5 2.3 GHz (Dual Core) 2005-10

In terms of storage, the lower two models in the iMac G5 line-up feature rpm 80GB hard drives, with the inch machine offering a rpm GB drive instead. Commendably, Apple have opted to use SATA Serial ATA for interfacing this drive, as with the Power Mac G5, and this means the internal drives are perfectly fast enough for recording audio without having to connect an external Firewire hard drive.

The optical drive in the iMac G5 is of the slot-load variety, which some users may remember from the later G3 iMacs and the G4 Cube, and is located on the upper part of the right-hand side of the unit. It's amusing to see discs pop out the side of the computer, but you don't need to be a design genius to see Apple had few alternatives, and you quickly get used to this initially odd location. The 1.

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In terms of connectivity, the iMac's ports are located on the back of the unit, which this is probably as good a place as any, and a fairly neat place to plug dongles in, for example. There are two Firewire ports, three USB 2. While Apple use Firewire and Ethernet to distinguish between professional and consumer product lines, I still think it's a shame that the iMac doesn't offer Gigabit Ethernet or Firewire , even in the high-end model.

Firewire is becoming more prevalent, and most networks are migrating towards Gigabit Ethernet infrastructures these days, even in the home where Gigabit switchers are perfectly affordable.

Actual Maximum RAM of All Power Mac G5 Models - Macs By Capability:

Whenever applicable, Mac RAM Direct will supply upgraded modules capable of faster speeds than the factory originally supplied. Faster RAM is not unlike Premium gasoline for your vehicle, where even if your auto can use 87 octane Regular, she'll purr like a kitten with the higher octane products. Similar qualities hold true for RAM.

Ultimate 12 core Mac Pro Upgrade! Step by Step in 4k

Please select your specific Power Mac model Electrostatic discharge precautions, Please Click Here. RedElectro macrumors regular Original poster. Sep 26, 0 United Kingdom. What's the maximum ram upgrade I can put in my PowerMac?

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  5. Apple states it's 4gb, but I've heard that this is a conservative estimate and you might actually be able to put more in? Is this true or just a rumor?

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    Would it be possible say, to up the memory to 8gb with 2gb sticks x4? Thanks in advance. MagicBoy macrumors May 28, 3, Manchester, UK. What's the model identifier in System Profiler? Rodus macrumors a.

    Oct 25, 0 Midlands, UK. Everymac says it'll take 8GB but you must install it in pairs. Thanks for that, I didn't know about the Everymac website!